These blanketwraps were born from years of collecting vintage and antique curiosities, a love of Pendleton blankets and days home with two little boys.  I imagined what it would be like to go into an old barn or attic and find a beautiful blanket or textile and start wearing it out in the world.

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The wraps are made from Pendleton remnants – some new, some vintage – and handsewn together with waxed Irish linen thread.



Adornments such as hand cut buckskin lacing, vintage and antique holy medals, animal bones, African trade beads, milagros, and other talismans make each blanketwrap a truly one of a kind piece.



They are heirloom pieces meant to be worn, cover the end of your bed, and wrap your children in.  All of the blanketwraps are handsewn by me and from materials sourced in the United States, with the exception of some the vintage pieces.